land and water brand and lifestyle photographer
Based anywhere and everywhere. 

hey! I am Caroline

I am here to tell your story. 

A lover of the world and its hidden corners. Being abroad, with my camera in hand, listening to a foreign language in the background, eating local food, connecting with people from all over, exploring, surfing, diving, marine life encounters, being resourceful and many more other feelings are the reasons I roam on Earth for. 

Photography came into my life during a my time in Morocco, where I lived for a total of two years. I bought a second hand camera and I learned everything I could online and through friends and photographers from the area. Fast forward five years, twenty countries and a handful of new gear here i am with a home base in Hawaii and traveling the world, doing what I love most: telling stories through photographs.  

Since i can remember i have been obsessed with photography, the ocean and traveling the world. Little did I know that those were the three things connecting my life purpose together.

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what people are saying

Caroline was a dream to work with.
She is adventurous and doesn't mind walking the extra miles to make sure she gets the shot, besides being very sweet and making sure you are comfortable and happy with the results along the way.
We could not recommend her enough for your Hawaii adventures.